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    The ASU Mobile App.
    We got you.

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It's time to power up your Sun Devil experience.

College life is a busy life, but that doesn’t mean each day has to be chaos; enter the ASU Mobile App. Designed to enhance and support the student experience, the app is filled with features you’ll use every day that will help you stay informed, efficient and connected to all things ASU.

Get the app on Google Play Download the app on the App Store (Apple).

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Your classmates are always within arm's reach.

You may be social distancing but your classmates have never been easier to reach. The ASU Mobile App now allows you to chat with your fellow Sun Devils without ever leaving the app. That means no phone numbers needed to be exchanged and all of your texts about class are in one place. Add friends, connect on class updates, share event information, and more.

  • This app is very useful. It allows you to search any building your classes are in and more. The best feature about the app is, once you log in with your ASU ID, it sets up your schedule automatically and sends you reminders for class. I definitely love it!

  • Powerful app! Love it! The ASU app is easy to use, and with the newest version, they have included tons of bells and whistles. I recommend the ASU app for all students.

  • The chat option is super cool! It will be good for networking with other students, especially for international students, to discuss group projects and more.